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"What I've benefited most from is the TRUE camaraderie with other women leaders who are committed and driven to advance diverse leadership within business schools. The energy and inspiration I get has been so uplifting and incredible."

Lan Ma Nygren, Associate Dean, Norm Brodskey College of Business, Rider University

With WiBE, I feel validated. I feel valued. I feel valuable. Time is precious, and WiBE events are valuable time spent building meaningful relationships, sharing relevant information and stories, and having fun/enjoying the process!"

Ruchi Watson

Director, University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business

"Thank you, Lisa Leander and Women in Business Education, for pulling together this impactful and empowering slate of speakers, sessions and sponsors. To have an entire day focused on ourselves, our journey, our discipline, our craft - THIS is what professional development should feel like. I'M STILL BUZZING FROM THE HIGH!!"

Jennifer Edmonds

Dean at School of Business and Digital Media at Georgian Court University


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” Without a doubt, WiBE stands as the most exceptional and specialized professional organization I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.”

What I value the most about being a member in WiBE is the extraordinary networking opportunities, inspiring role models, and enriching learning programs that WiBE thoughtfully offers.”--Lan Ma Nygren, Associate Dean, Norm Brodsky College of Business, Rider University

About the Founder

20 years, 22 countries, almost 100 business schools

Where were the women?

In the last two decades I’ve worked with almost 100 different business schools in twenty two countries. From writing strategic plans, developing new programs to establishing partnerships, I was exposed to almost every aspect of a business school. 

 Yet everywhere I traveled I discovered the same thing.  We would struggle for gender balance and diversity at every steering committee meeting, conference agenda, or dean’s council. 
When I did have the rare opportunity to work with women at the top levels of leadership I very much enjoyed connecting with these trail blazing, brilliant, clever, rock star, courageous leaders!  For years I have wanted to bring these change makers together to build a powerful and cohesive network.

I invite you to join WiBE membership as we build the pipeline of future leaders in business education.—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO, Women in Business Education

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