About Us

Women in isolation won’t be able to
change business education
(Although not for lack of trying)

It takes a movement

Women in Business Education is a global network that champions women’s leadership in business academia.  We invite you to engage with us through the WiBE Movement or WiBE Membership.

The WiBE Movement is comprised of both men and women looking to build greater diversity and gender balance at all leadership levels within business schools. Our inclusive global movement encourages everyone to participate in the conversation, dialogue and research. Whether you can offer new programs, thought leadership, leading webinars or mentoring, there is room and a role for everyone at our table.  Through our virtual events, blog, podcast and advisory board, we invite you to join this dynamic movement of leaders by subscribing to our mailing list.

We are the only independent organization that is

focused on increasing the number of women leaders

in business education, globally.

WiBE Membership is a collaborative and exclusive space for women in business academia looking to engage with their international peers to pursue the next step of their leadership journey. From future educators to the top ranks of management, we are here to make you thrive, and to bring global visibility to the incredible work you are doing. WiBE Membership is designed to engage women across all spectrums, so whether you are AACSB, AMBA, EFMD, AAPBS, CEEMAN or perhaps you are AOM, PRME or GBSN— we cut across all organizations to broaden your global connections.

It is easy to get caught up in the negative, in the holes and the gaps that remain and the uneven progress. WiBE recognizes the difficulties, but focuses on the future. We aim to be a source of inspiration and to be a place to highlight successes and change through collaboration and partnership. Lets not harp on what should have been, lets focus on what can be.

The WiBE logo is influenced by the red geranium, flowers typically found in planters outside of homes and windows all over the world.

The geranium flower is attributed to people who are very brilliant and clever, and are typically given as a symbol of friendship. According to some legends, red Geraniums were specifically used to announce visitors coming, because the flowers would turn and point to visitors when they were near your home.

About the Founder

20 years, 22 countries, almost 100 business schools

Where were the women?

In the last two decades I’ve worked with almost 100 different business schools in twenty two countries. From writing strategic plans, developing new programs to establishing partnerships, I was exposed to almost every aspect of a business school.   Yet everywhere I traveled I discovered the same thing.  We would struggle for gender balance and diversity at every steering committee meeting, conference agenda, or dean’s council.  When I did have the rare opportunity to work with women at the top levels of leadership I very much enjoyed connecting with these trail blazing, brilliant, clever, rock star, courageous leaders!  For years I have wanted to bring these change makers together to build a powerful and cohesive network. With the pandemic hammering universities–and women in particular–I couldn’t wait any longer.  I invite you to join WiBE membership as we build the pipeline of future leaders in business education.

—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO, Women in Business Education

WiBE welcomes all visitors from near and far

uplifts the brilliant and clever women in business education

and looks forward to creating many new friendships.