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Provide a year of support and accountability to your academic team with access to a powerful global network

Membership in WiBE  brings together academics at every level of leadership in business schools from around the globe.  Surround yourself with inspiring and ambitious academic leaders ready to bust through barriers.  Member benefits include:


Global Peer Convenings

Meet in virtual small groups with your academic peers to discuss important topics each month.  Each member level meets seperately.

Expert Led Workshops

Virtual live workshops led by experts in their field offered every month.  Can’t make it live?  Access anytime in our library.


Library of Virtual Workshops

On-demand recorded library of all of our past workshops and sessions from our Momentum Virtual Summit.

Discussion forum and Mobile App

Private online forum and mobile app to connect with members around the world with weekly hot topic discussions and “ask anything.”

Discount Registration to In-Person Events

Access member’s only pricing for in-person events and special member’s only sessions.


Monthly Member's Bulletin

Stay on top of current discussions, trends and member updates with our monthly member’s only newsletter.

It is time to be bold. Be bright. Be visible.

As a WiBE member, you will always know that no matter what is happening, you have a global community that is ready to move your forward.  And we will always have your back. 

“Are you looking for an amazing community of women that goes beyond academia and business education? I would join WIBE. “

I’ve gained immense value from the relationships, knowledge, and resources shared at our monthly meetings. What sets this organization apart is that the lessons learned here extend beyond business; they deeply resonate with all aspects of life.“–Bertie Greer, Incoming Dean, UMASS Lowell

 We Provide an Incredible Support System for Business Academics

WiBE uses community and professional development—like our workshops, global convenings, in-person conferences and working groups—to propel you into new leadership roles. We invite you to support high-potential individuals at your institution to advance business education.

Check out What Our Member’s Say about WiBE

Our Member Benefits Include:


Virtual Monthly Global Convenings

WiBE Members meet monthly virtually on Zoom and break out into peer groups of 6-8  for discussions on issues that are top of mind.

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Virtual Expert-Led Workshops

Participate in interactive monthly Zoom workshops led by experts, executive coaches and authors on variety of topics.  Additional resources and recordings are always available in the library.  

Online Community Forum & Mobile App

Join our private community accessible by phone or desktop for weekly online discussions, ask anything and hot topics.  Your powerful community is only one post away.   You can also post and search for jobs in our jobs forum.

Member discounts to Conference & In-Person Events

Attend exclusive in-person member events around the world.  Join us at #WiBEFuture June 4-5 in San Jose, California and attend member’s only activities and receive a discounted rate.  


Extensive Library of Workshops

Up level your leadership skills by accessing over 45 recorded workshops, presentations and resources in our extensive library for members.

All monthly live workshops are recorded and available anytime in our private library.

Check out some of the workshops in our library:

  • Fundraising 101: How to Get Started
  • Finding (Your) Balance
  • Rethinking Your Data Journey
  • Future Trends in Experiential Learning
  • Assessing Soft Skills: Find the Competitive Edge
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Self Publishing
  • Managing Virtual and Hybrid Teams
  • Onboarding New Staff
  • Culture Humility: Knowing Ourselves to Know Others for Institutional Transformation
  • Tomorrow’s MBA Today: What Do Students Want from the MBA Experience?
  • Making the Media Work for You
  • Speak Up and Speak Out: Voice and Performance for Women Leaders
  • Write Your Corporate Board Bio
  • Business School Advisory Boards: Maximize the Impact
  • Business School Cases, Diversity & Women Leaders
  • Corporate and Mutual Fund Directors, Characteristics and Pathways to the Boardroom
  • Cultivate a Resilient Mindset
  • Become a Courageous Ally

What Our Members Are Saying


“WIBE is a support system, but, it is also a fantastic portal for learning, professional development, upskilling and strategizing future aspirations in higher education leadership. Membership includes a plethora of opportunity for networking and career planning where everyone “gets it” and are there to “raise you up’ and celebrate when you reach your goals! Never underestimate the power of educated and intelligent women getting together to support each other – no glass ceiling here!

Stephanie Howes

Dean, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

WiBE membership provides a unique networking opportunity for individuals in the Higher Education Sector.

The organization facilitates informative workshops that deal with very relevant topics in academia.

It is wonderful to interact with individuals around the country and learn about different approaches to leading positive change within our respective organizations.

Shani Robinson

Associate Dean, College of Business Administration at Sam Houston State University

“I appreciate the size of the group, which allows for everyone to actively engage in discussions.

I value the fact that the members are diverse, with different backgrounds and representing institutions that are very large as well as smaller.

Lastly, I think all of the women in the group genuinely desire to support and lift up other women who are in leadership roles.”

Sandy Wayne

Dean , College of Business Administration, University of Illinois Chicago

Select Your Membership Category


Membership for a single membership.  Membership is open to men and women.

Cost: $699/annually

  • Monthly virtual global gatherings in small groups with your peer group (Deans, Associate, Assistant, Directors, Faculty, etc) only on relevant discussion topics
  • Virtual monthly workshops and library of archives in private membership site
  • Small group Member Huddles on topics of interest
  • Closed Discussion Forum & Mobile App
  • Discounts to exclusive member-only in-person events and the annual conference
  • Participate in any WiBE Deans, WiBE Associate or WiBE Faculty events and convenings


Up to 10 annual members per year in any membership category (each additional member is $250).  Group membership is open to women and men.

Cost: $2,500/annually

  • Monthly virtual convenings with on relevant discussion topics
  • Virtual monthly workshops and library of archives in private membership site
  • Small group Member Huddles on topics of interest
  • Closed Discussion Forum & Mobile App
  • Discounts to exclusive member-only in-person events and the annual conference
  • Participate in any WiBE Associate or WiBE Faculty events and convenings

Email membership@wibenetwork.com to request a Group invoice

Send 10 Members to WiBE

Membership for 64% Discount!

WiBE is an incredibly supportive, non-judgmental, and an open environment where I feel comfortable authentically sharing whatever is on my mind – work-related or personal. It truly feels like I have a group of like-minded leaders who are making a difference in higher education and I always walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new

.–Aarti Ivanic, Dean, Nicolais School of Business, Wagner College

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for membership?

We understand, academic leaders are busy!  We want to ensure that we work on your schedule and make this easy for you.  Generally for the peer groups the commitment is one hour a month (although we know that not everyone can make each month.)  Workshops generally run twice a month and can be attended live, or the recording can be accessed at any time on our private membership site.

We offer a variety of events so that you can decide what is most attractive AND convenient to attend.   Know that by being part of the movement, you are making a difference, even when you are not here!

What is included in my membership annual fee?

Members will receive:

  • Access to our closed private website with our library of resources, events listings and the member directory
  • Monthly member workshops led 
  • Quarterly Huddles
  • Online Community forums and discussions on our private website and mobile app
  • Monthly Member Bulletin
  • Discounted registation rate to our annual conference and in-person events
Can I come check out WiBE before I commit to joining?

Definitely!  All potential members are invited to attend one of our monthly Global Convenings.  Check out our events page and email support@wibenetwork.com to be added to the registration list.

I am a former dean, do I qualify?

We hope that WiBE will be your community of inspiration and celebration for life—even if the position of dean isn’t forever.  The WiBE Deans category is open to current and former deans.  Our leadership legacy is an important part of our mission, ensuring that we are both looking ahead and behind us as we blaze our trail.  We have a number of former deans in WiBE Deans so you won’t be alone. 

I am a President/Rector would I qualify for membership?

WiBE Deans is for the very top senior levels of leadership at business schools.  This can be translated in many different ways, and in some cases is considered President, Rector or Director.  Contact support@wibenetwork.com if you are unsure of which membership category to select.

How is WiBE different than WAME or HERS?

WiBE very much supports the missions of WAME and HERS, we always need more networks, pathways and opportunities for promotion.  However, we also offer our own unique value proposition, check out some of our differences below:

  • WiBE is a global membership organization focused on bringing gender balance and diversity to all levels of leadership in business schools.
  • Through our community events or our closed membership activities we offer quality networking and practical workshops to drive success in your career—very specific and tailored for women in business education.
  • Our focus is on peer mentoring—you will be in virtual events, workshops and your online community with women in similar positions as yourself
  • Our activities fall within three key pillars: developing a deep connected international network, elevating the visibility of your work globally and driving a strong leadership legacy.
  • Through our social media platforms, newsletter and outreach we highlight and champion the success of women leaders—increasing the global visibility of women in leadership roles is a key pillar of our activities
  • We are open to women academics across all accreditation platforms around the world and offer an active line up of virtual meetings and workshops. In the future we plan more in-person and regional events.