Galentine’s Challenge: Embrace Fear with Love and Curiosity


I’ve always rolled my eyes at the phrase, “Be fearless!”


Honestly, it’s pure garbage.


Fear is a part of life; it’s undeniable. And as you play and push for bigger things in your career, it only increases.


And oh my goodness, I feel fear. I steer clear of scary movies, and roller coasters? They terrify me.


When you look at my career and the opportunities I’ve seized, I did it with a queasy stomach, trembling knees, a racing heart, and sweat pouring out of me.


I wasn’t fearless in my career; I did it despite the fear.


Quitting my stable job amidst the peak of COVID without making a single penny from WiBE? Absolutely terrifying. Taking the lead and flying solo to Saudi Arabia for a high-profile delegation event? Frightening. Working in Jordan shortly after the September 11th attacks when Americans were prime sniper targets? Downright scary.


You betcha that these pivotal moments in my career were rife with anxiety, apprehension, and fear.


But I’m immensely grateful I didn’t let it hold me back, because all of those experiences were incredible career growth opportunities.


I tackle fear in two significant ways: Curiosity and Love.


This Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to look at that daunting, audacious goal and consider infusing it with love or curiosity. They simply cannot coexist.


What if you applied for that job, even without the required bullet points on your CV?


What if you were the one to talk to the reporter, to share your expertise?


Fear may linger, but with love and curiosity, you can navigate through it and uncover amazing possibilities.


Fear will always be there.


But filling your heart with love and curiosity? You can navigate through it and uncover limitless possibilities.


And that will push us through whatever turbulent challenges we may face.


Happy Galentine’s Day! –Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO


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