Before WiBE, I was hardly a social media pro.

Facebook and Twitter? Rare visits.

But today, I’m a bona fide LinkedIn guru. Here are my three fun tips to supercharge your LinkedIn visibility so opportunities land in your lap (or your inbox.)


1. Consistency is Your BFF

Looking to make an impact on LinkedIn? Maintain consistency! Set a posting schedule that works for you. It could be once a week or a daily dose of wisdom. Consistency keeps you on your connections’ radar.

Consistency in both timing and content quality will brand you as a reliable LinkedIn legend. Put a reminder on your calendar or a timer on your iphone.


2. Show Love, Connect, and Expand

LinkedIn isn’t just about shouting about yourself. It’s a platform for making meaningful professional connections. When you spot a post from a connection, you can show your love by liking, commenting, and sharing. This not only helps them but also exposes your profile to more people.

Don’t be shy—connect with folks who share your interests or work in similar fields. And always connect with the hundreds of WiBE members out there! Expanding your network opens doors to fresh opportunities and exciting collaborations. Personalize your connection request to break the ice.


3. Be the Super Cheerleader

Want to be the superhero of LinkedIn? Champion others!

Highlight your connections’ successes and shout about their wins. By showcasing their achievements, you not only boost them but also paint yourself as a supportive influencer.

Share, celebrate, and watch the positivity flow.

I love watching our Member Monday posts go viral by celebrating their success.

Championing others leads to good karma. It’s a win-win, making your LinkedIn journey positive and fabulous.

Get out there and rock your professional network. Your future opportunities are just a few clicks away. WiBE is your secret weapon—go use it.


— Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO


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