Freckles, Leadership, and My Red Pantsuit Dilemma

I vividly recall the day I brought home my kindergarten photos. I was uncontrollably sobbing because I hated the prominence of my freckles.

They symbolized my tendency to blush like a tomato and amplified my self-consciousness.

However, as time passed, I realized they set me apart and made me unique, even becoming a feature my husband adores.

Reflecting on my own leadership journey, I recalled a moment during a head shot session when I hesitated about wearing a vibrant red pantsuit, fearing it would accentuate my freckles. It made me question why this still bothered me today.

Was it my unique strength, or was it my insecurity, or could it be both?

Navigating my leadership journey has been akin to embracing my literal and metaphorical freckles.

Our January workshop centers on the Clifton Strengths Finder, where we’ll explore the distinctive facets of our leadership styles. Our strengths combined together are our most incredible superpowers unique only to us. But also, if unchecked, they can also become our blind spots.

My activator strength energizes and propels others forward but can inadvertently overpower those who require patience and planning with decision-making.

While my communication prowess makes me a compelling storyteller, I acknowledge the need to enhance my listening skills.

Similarly, my relator strength allows me to forge profound connections, yet I must also foster new relationships rather than solely relying on existing ones.

It is important to lean into our leadership strengths, but also remain cognizant of when they lead us down the wrong path.

I still have a mixed relationship with my freckles, because now I must closely monitor suspicious ones for their potential for skin cancer. This reminds me of the parallel need to monitor and address potential pitfalls in my leadership strengths.

How can we wield our superpowers better without succumbing to our leadership kryptonite?

I hope you will join us for our January 10 workshop with leadership coach Anna Nelson on strengths-based leadership.

Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and decisive authentic leadership, together.


—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO


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