This month we asked Melissa Barker, Founder & CEO of Women Entrepreneurs Inc., about her book Why #Visible Women Will Win:


Q: What are your expectations for the key takeaways from “Why Visible Women Win?” in the realm of women leaders in business academia?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, success often belongs to women who embrace visibility. These women excel in earning your trust, inspiring your admiration, and securing your business. Their secret weapon? They’ve mastered the art of capturing the world’s most precious resource: YOUR ATTENTION!

What I aim for you to glean from my book is that achieving visibility is a personal journey. It’s not about WHAT you choose to do (whether it’s writing a book, posting on TikTok, or speaking on stages) but rather THAT you choose to make yourself seen. Much like developing your personal or parenting style, it may require some trial and error. However, once you discover the right strategies to become #VISIBLE, the right people will undoubtedly find you.


Q: How do you define “visibility” within the context of your book, and why is it of particular significance to women in business, as well as in the field of business academia?

In the world of business, no one can engage with or invest in you if they don’t know you exist. #VISIBLE women seize the opportunity to showcase their talents and ideas to the world, giving them a shot at discovering if their offerings resonate with others. I firmly believe in learning, adapting, and reinventing oneself rather than failing because we failed to reach those who could benefit from our expertise.

For women educators and administrators, this lesson can be more challenging. We often operate under the assumption that doing exceptional work, research or teaching will naturally draw attention to us. However, the reality is that there are few rewards for invisible women in today’s world, including at universities and in academia


Q: What obstacles do women frequently encounter when endeavoring to enhance their visibility, and how can they surmount these challenges?

Post every day!” “Appear in video content!” “Speak at conferences!”

We frequently receive coaching on the imperative actions for becoming #VISIBLE, yet many of us find these tasks daunting. Consequently, we resort to working tirelessly, convincing ourselves that we require more training, a better workspace, or superior technology. We do everything in our power to avoid the very activities we’re told are essential.

My perspective differs. I believe there are countless paths to becoming #VISIBLE. It all begins with summoning a bit of courage and dedicating the time to discover—and commit to—the methods that align best with your unique strengths and preferences.


Recognized as #1 on the ForbesWomen Must Watch List, Melissa believes that women can be each other’s greatest business asset. After spending 7 years as a Coca-Cola Company Global Marketing executive, she deeply understands the value of great design and compelling messaging. This led her to establish The Show & Tell Co., a content company that has provided affordable and effective marketing solutions to over 75 startups. Today, as the Founder and CEO of Women Entrepreneurs Inc., a Forbes-featured global platform of over 30k female founders, Melissa has combined her love for marketing, women, and small businesses. Her book, “Why Visible Women Will Win,” empowers women to get #VISBLE (without being an egomaniac or doing anything cringe-worthy) — hits shelves this Fall. Discover the true ROI of #womenhelpingwomen by becoming a member, speaker, or partner of Women Entrepreneurs Inc.


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