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Membership in WiBE Deans brings together women at the highest level of leadership in business schools from around the globe.


Women who are current or former Deans, Rectors or Presidents qualify for WiBE Deans membership.

Member Benefits

WiBE Deans Global Convenings

Monthly expert-led virtual workshops

Member Huddles on topics of interest

Library of recorded sessions

Jobs Board for your next position

Discussion Forum and Mobile App

Discount Registration to #WiBEcreate Conference


Monthly Member's Bulletin

As a member of WiBE Deans you will have the opportunity to:

Meet Your Peers

Build deep and enduring connections by being matched with peer groups that meet monthly all year long.

Access Global Education

Virtual live and pre-recorded workshops and resources tailored specifically for women deans at the senior levels of their career.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Use the WiBE platform to highlight your work, successes and potential at a global scale in our newsletters and social media.

Lead With Intention

Engage in our online discussion forums in our mobile app, or hunt for your next position on our job board.

Membership Commitment

 WiBE is your place to fill your bucket with inspiration, connection and thought leadership.  We focus on convenience, flexibility and connection in all that we do.


We arrange everything.  Simply show up and enjoy.

Membership in WiBE Deans includes a monthly one hour peer group convening by Zoom where we discuss a different issue that is top of mind for senior leaders.  This session repeats twice in one day (am and pm) so you can select the most convenient time for your schedule.


Doesn’t fit your schedule? Last minute meeting?  No problem.

Ninety minute workshops are offered every month on practical topics.  No preparation is needed, come as you are. Doesn’t fit into your schedule?  All workshops are recorded and available on our private website that you can access anytime.


In 2022 we will offer in-person events and virtual,

WiBE Deans can connect in our private discussion forums where we post updates, member celebrations and introductions.  Network at a time that is convenient to you.  Our newsletter curates the news, research and updates you need to know about the movement delivered to your inbox every month.

It is time to be bold. Be Bright. Be visible. It is time to break the mold.

In WiBE Deans you will always know that no matter what is happening, you have a global community that always has your back. 

What Our Members are Saying on Social Media

WiBE membership is officially open to women business school deans from around the globe!  Over 55 deans from 12 countries have joined our monthly Global Deans Convenings.  Our founding members represent deans and rectors from small private to large public business schools located across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Monthly Global Convenings

WiBE Deans meet monthly in peer groups of 6-8 of their peers for discussions on issues that are top of mind. 

Recent topics include:

  • Piecing together your institutional strategy in a puzzling world

  • Shifting your strategic mindset for a changing world

  • Activating Your Advisory Board

Virtual Workshops

Participate in interactive workshops led by experts on variety of topics.  Additional resources and recordings are always available in the library.  Workshops have include:

  • Pathways to the Boardroom

  • Business as (Un)usual: Creative Problem Solving with Margaret Andrews

  • Fundraising in the Time of COVID 19


Online Community Forum & Mobile app

Chat in our private community

Ask a question, respond to a post or follow our weekly hot topic. 

Jobs Board

Looking to hire?  Post a position to all of our membership.  

Or browse our listings for your next opportunity.  Staff post new positions weekly.

I really appreciate the collegiality among the members of WiBE and the themes that have been discussed so far. They are timely and very informative. The workshops are also very well conducted with great speakers.

It is nice and very helpful to be able to have insightful conversations with your peers, who are experiencing similar situations. After each meeting, I feel energized and very grateful towards these wonderful women who care deeply about higher education in business. They are so inspired and inspiring.

Anne-Marie Croteau, PhD, CDir

Dean, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

By far the greatest value WiBE provides is the opportunity to have intentional, candid conversations with fellow women deans to address matters/issues we’re all encountering.  

WiBE Membership is not only an investment in my professional development, but an opportunity to develop quality relationships.  The supportive and encouraging environment lifts me up, and strengthens my courage to continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in senior leadership in the academy.

Wanda M. Costen, PhD

Dean & Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University

  • Open to current and former Deans, Presidents, Rectors or Provosts
  • Monthly convenings with your selected peer group on relevant discussion topics
  • Virtual deans workshops and library of archives in private membership site
  • Small group Member Huddles on topics of interest
  • Complimentary registration to the 3-day Virtual Summit, Momentum
  • Closed Linked In site for discussion and collaboration

Imagine what will be possible when you join forces

with other female leaders in business academia


Upcoming Events

All Member Convening

 Thursday July 14, 2022

WiBE BOOK CLUB: That Summer

Tuesday July 26, 2022

WORKSHOP: The Do's and Don'ts of Self Publishing

Thursday July 28, 2022

About the Founder

20 years, 22 countries, almost 100 business schools

Where were the women?

In the last two decades I’ve worked with almost 100 different business schools in twenty two countries. From writing strategic plans, developing new programs to establishing partnerships, I was exposed to almost every aspect of a business school.   Yet everywhere I traveled I discovered the same thing.  We would struggle for gender balance and diversity at every steering committee meeting, conference agenda, or dean’s council.  When I did have the rare opportunity to work with women at the top levels of leadership I very much enjoyed connecting with these trail blazing, brilliant, clever, rock star, courageous leaders!  For years I have wanted to bring these change makers together to build a powerful and cohesive network. With the pandemic hammering universities–and women in particular–I couldn’t wait any longer.  I invite you to join WiBE membership as we build the pipeline of future leaders in business education.

—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO, Women in Business Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for membership?

We understand, Deans are busy!  We want to ensure that we work on your schedule and make this easy for you.  Generally for the peer groups the commitment is one hour a month (although we know that not everyone can make each month.)  Workshops generally run every other month and can be attended live, or the recording can be accessed at any time on our private membership site.We offer a variety of events so that you can decide what is most attractive AND convenient to attend.   Know that by being part of the movement, you are making a difference, even when you are not here!

What is included in my membership annual fee?

Members will receive:

  • Access to our closed private website with our library of resources, events listings and the member directory
  • Monthly workshops
  • Quarterly Huddles
  • Online Community forums and discussions on our private website and mobile app
  • Monthly Member Bulletin
  • Complimentary registration to our Annual Virtual Summit, Momentum in the Fall
  • Member pin and welcome packet
Can I come check out WiBE before I commit to joining?

Definitely!  All potential members are invited to attend one of our monthly Global Convenings.  Check out our events page and email to be added to the registration list.

I am a former dean, do I qualify?

We hope that WiBE will be your community of inspiration and celebration for life—even if the position of dean isn’t forever.  The WiBE Deans category is open to current and former deans.  Our leadership legacy is an important part of our mission, ensuring that we are both looking ahead and behind us as we blaze our trail.  We have a number of former deans in WiBE Deans so you won’t be alone. 

I am a President/Rector would I qualify for membership?

WiBE Deans is for the very top senior levels of leadership at business schools.  This can be translated in many different ways, and in some cases is considered President, Rector or Director.  Contact if you are unsure of which membership category to select.

How is WiBE different than WAME or HERS?

WiBE very much supports the missions of WAME and HERS, we always need more networks, pathways and opportunities for promotion.  However, we also offer our own unique value proposition, check out some of our differences below:

  • WiBE is a global membership organization focused on bringing gender balance and diversity to all levels of leadership in business schools.
  • Through our community events or our closed membership activities we offer quality networking and practical workshops to drive success in your career—very specific and tailored for women in business education.
  • Our focus is on peer mentoring—you will be in virtual events, workshops and your online community with women in similar positions as yourself
  • Our activities fall within three key pillars: developing a deep connected international network, elevating the visibility of your work globally and driving a strong leadership legacy.
  • Through our social media platforms, newsletter and outreach we highlight and champion the success of women leaders—increasing the global visibility of women in leadership roles is a key pillar of our activities
  • We are open to women academics across all accreditation platforms around the world and offer an active line up of virtual meetings and workshops. In the future we plan more in-person and regional events. 

Join the movement by becoming a member today!