Recently I’ve been attending high-end conferences that featured extravagant stages with sophisticated lighting.

It’s given me angst that I won’t have fancy lighting for our annual conference.

So I asked one of the planners how much the audio/visual costs for these lavish events cost.

Can be up to $60,000 just for the A/V bill.


At our most recent event in Chicago,  we didn’t have fancy staging or lighting either.  In fact, we discovered  the room was under-going renovation at the time! So we ignored the holes in the wall and the missing tiles in the ceiling.

Instead we had this deep and meaningful conversation, and this amazing networking experience in this funky, entrepreneurial and innovative space.

Afterwards everyone told me it was the highlight of the conference.  And I remembered.

Flashy doesn’t mean it will be fantastic.

Fancy doesn’t mean it will be fun.

Expensive isn’t as important as authenticity and real connection.

Are you distracted by the fancy, flashy schools with bigger budgets and brands? Intimidated by their glitz and the glamour?

Don’t forget what is really important.

And what people will value, cherish and remember long after the lights are turned off.

—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO

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