Strength In Unity: Facing the Storm Head-On

There is an impending storm looming on the horizon as I pen down these words, set to hit the Washington DC region. Schools are shutting down, and I’m bracing for the likelihood of sports cancellations.

Yet, a larger turbulence appears to be brewing in the realms of news, politics, and the trajectory of higher education.

Do you feel a persistent knot in the pit of your stomach?

I do.

Mine is lingering there, like a weighty rock, poised to pull me down and stifle me at any moment.

Things are tough right now for women leaders in higher education. Our mission to grow and support diverse leaders feels elusive and impossible.

There are moments when the allure of retreating to my basement for a Netflix and ice cream binge in my own pity party is intense and overwhelming.

The struggle to hide in my cave avoiding reality is real. Sometimes it wins.

But I always remember who I am at my core. Dwelling on the negative isn’t me.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain…”-Vivan Greene

It is imperative to champion women and foster an inclusive culture for diverse communities on our campuses.

The commitment to cultivate the future leaders of higher education requires an even more unwavering dedication.

Extending support to women in leadership roles, offering inspiration to those contemplating departure, and encouraging those on the verge of giving up is vital.

The sky is darkening, and the winds of change are intensifying.

The storm is nearly upon us.

For those of us ready to take the lead, we have to find our inner strength.

It’s time to put on our dancing shoes.


— Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO


p.s. I hope you will join us on January 30th for our convening discussing Strategies for Combating Hate and Divisive Politics in Campus Culture & Classrooms. Learn more here.

And check out the full bulletin here.