Ah, spring—the season of blooming flowers, fresh beginnings, and a hint of adventure in the air.


You probably aren’t surprised that I absolutely love this season.


It’s a time of renewal and change, where we all shed our winter coats and embrace new possibilities.


And speaking of embracing the season, I recently took a full week for spring break to do just that.


But instead of jetting off to far-flung destinations such as Paris or Florida like many of our friends, we opted for mini adventures close to home.


Our stay-cation included wandering among the cherry blossoms with visiting WiBE members and soaking in the beauty of the pink tidal basin. Another highlight was our visit to “Holland in Virginia,” where we picked tulips in fields that went on forever.


I couldn’t help but draw parallels of our stay-cation to our careers. Too often, we find ourselves feeling stuck in roles that no longer challenge or fulfill us. I’ve had countless conversations with WiBE members who, for various reasons, also need mini adventures close to home for their careers. It could be due to a sweet benefits package that can’t be replicated elsewhere or the idea of physically moving an entire family with children is unfeasible.


Just like planting tulip bulbs for their eventual bloom, we too can take steps to create opportunities for ourselves. Maybe your career stay-cation includes seeking out a non-profit board position, volunteering in a new capacity, or mentoring others in your field. Is it time to write your book? Develop your consultancy? Start your podcast?


The key is to consistently plant seeds to stretch our wings and take on new challenges.


Stuck in a rut? Here’s a reminder: if you’re willing to dig deep, you’ll find that opportunities abound in unexpected places.


And who knows, perhaps there’s gold waiting to be discovered in your very own backyard.


—Lisa Leander, Founder & CEO


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