There has been a lot of chatter in higher education communities about the dramatic impact conversational AI tools are having on courses, curriculum, grading, and academic integrity. AI fueled text and image generation are taking universities and colleges by storm.

But while the implications and disruption it will cause in academia are still being hammered out, I have to admit, this is some pretty darn cool impressive technology.

Bur first, have you given it a go? Tried it out?

My team did. We asked, why does ChatGPT think you should attend #WiBEFuture?

Q: Why should people attend WiBE Future?

Response from ChatGPT:

Based on the information provided, it sounds like “WiBE Future” is an event for women in business academia (business school deans, associate deans, administrators, and academics) to gather and discuss the future of business education, specifically how technology and innovation will shape it. Here are some reasons why people might want to attend:

Staying current with industry trends: WiBE Future is designed to provide attendees with the latest information on technological advances and innovations in business education, helping them to stay current and competitive in their field.

Networking: WiBE Future brings together business school deans, associate deans, administrators and academics from around the country, providing an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and learn from their experiences.

Professional development: The event will provide educational and training opportunities that can help attendees acquire new skills and knowledge that can be valuable for advancing in their careers.

Immersing in latest technology: The event will be held at The Tech Interactive, which is an innovative museum that showcases the latest technology. This could provide attendees with an opportunity to experience the latest technology and gain inspiration for how they can be used in business education.

Access to resources: The event will feature keynote speakers and industry experts who can provide valuable insights and information about trends and best practices in business education.

A sense of community: WiBE Future is a gathering of women in business academia, providing a sense of community and connection with other people who share similar interests and goals.

Promote diversity and inclusion in Business education: By gathering and discussing the future of Business education by women, it would promote diversity and inclusion in the field.

Inspiration and motivation: Hearing the success stories of other women in business academia can provide attendees with inspiration and motivation to pursue their own goals and aspirations in their field.

Honestly, I couldn’t have said it any better. (Or it would have taken me a solid hour versus a ten minute wait list to get into the site and a simple copy and paste.) I will expect my staff to effectively use this tool for future research, marketing and writing.

So how will conversational AI tools change your institution? What new rules, adjustment in curriculum, grading requirements, and courses will this new technology disrupt? Are you prepared?

And more importantly, what can you expect next?

Join us next month on February 13 for our special Valentine’s Day global convening to explore these questions for our monthly discussion, Higher Ed and Our Love/Hate Relationship with Conversational AI Tools to further explore their impact on your institution.

Then join us in-person June 4-5 at #WiBEFuture in San Jose to network, connect, immerse yourself in technology, and innovate–Or for any of the reasons that ChatGPT so eloquently wrote above.

–Lisa Leander CEO, Women in BizEd

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